Cooking & Coffee School

We run workshops, courses and tastings in the café, so if you know a coffee-lover send them this way!

Gabi is a our cook and Teddie is our coffee teacher


Introduction to Coffee

A really great course with a certificate at the end! Did you know that there are more flavours in the world of coffee than there is in the world of red wine? Come on this course to learn more!

The course is accredited by the Specialty Coffee Association and is a fantastic introduction to the world of coffee. Discover what ‘processes’ there are for getting the coffee beans from the fruit and how this changes the flavour.


Brewing Coffee at Home!

You can have excellent coffee at home, come on this course to discover how to use the many and varied ways to brew. There is so much more than instant coffee - trust us!


Brownie Masterclass

If you have ever been to our café then you will know that if we know anything, it’s how to make a most excellent brownie.

This course makes the perfect gift for the choco-holic in your life or gives you the skills to wow any friend with your supreme brownie mastery!